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Project D.A.T.E.



Our Mission

We are a 501(c)(3) organization that identifies and assists individuals and families in transforming their lives from houseless to productive residents of our neighborhoods through personal growth and self-development.

Outreach & Volunteer Opportunities


Annual Back to School at Kalihi Kai Elementary
Free groceries, school supplies, reading books, keiki activities and more at Kalihi Kai Elementary. Learn More



What We Do

Discern. Assist. Train. Empower.

We transform the lives of our community members through:  

 - Discerning their needs

 - Assisting to meet the needs

 - Training to permanently fulfill the needs

 - Empowering individuals to serve others in need.

Office Hours
Our office hours have changed!

We are now open by appointment only.

For appointments call 256-6606

(2-5pm Monday - Friday)

Last updated 9/10/2018

Outreach Service Hours

 Groceries & other services click here for dates and locations

*For emergency food assistance call


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